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Tent Trailers Tent trailers are specifically built for large, heavy duty tents. These adventure trailers are a great option if you need a multi room tent setup. Many hunters that don’t venture too far into the back country use tent trailers to setup their base camp. It’s common for tent trailers to come with a rack so you can haul gear or ATV’s on the trailer as well. These tents are also great if you’re in an area with mixed weather. Many have tables built in to the tent so you can wait out that rainstorm in comfort. Read the Full Story
Overland / Expedition Style Trailers Overland / Expedition Style off road trailers refer to trailers specifically built for off road/4x4 trail use. These trailers usually feature large tires and an advanced suspension system. They also often include many advanced features for extended back country use.   Read the Full Story
Pop-Up Trailers Pop Up campers have come a long way in the last few years. In the past, pop-ups were big, bulky, and great for on the highway, but terrible for anything more than a graded dirt road. Today several manufacturers offer pop-up trailers that can handle fairly advanced off road terrain. These campers have larger tires, sophisticated suspensions, and are built to handle heavier use.

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Homebuilt & D-I-Y Trailers There are literally hundreds of different options when building your own trailer. From starting with a donor trailer (such as a military M-416), to building a true custom trailer from the ground up. There are dozens of options for axels, suspension, wheels, size, storage, components, and just about anything else you’ll want to add to your trailer. Read the Full Story

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Jackwagon Base CampJackwagon Off Road Trailers builds their Basecamp as a very feature-rich ORT. Their base model includes an RTT, is axle-less, and comes with a spare tire! Learn more about this great option...

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Crawlorado Off-Road Camper Trailer

Crawlorado Off-Road Camper Trailer
Another new trailer company has popped up in our neck of the woods, Crawlorado Off Road Trailers in Colorado Springs, CO. Their flagship...

ADAK Adventure Trailer

ADAK Adventure Trailer
The ADAK Adventure trailer is not for the faint of heart. This full featured trailer is primarly built for hunters, but could easily be used for exciting overland & off road travel. While it won't...

A German Military-style Off Road trailer

A German Military-style Off Road trailer A German Military-style Off Road trailer
Cross Country Trailers are the European Partner of Metalian Trailers and Canopies, in Germany, but they've just started...
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Crawlorado Off-Road Camper Trailer

Crawlorado TrailerAnother new trailer company has popped up in our neck of the woods, Crawlorado Off Road Trailers in Colorado Springs, CO.

Their flagship product is a very stout "virtually indestructable" off road trailer that comes fully built up:

  • Independent suspension
  • Matched color paint
  • Boxed steel frame
  • Kitchen drawer
  • Water Tank w/electric water pump
  • LED Lights
  • 12v battery
  • Cargo Rack
  • Articulating Hitch

Their site doesn't list a price range for this trailer, but considering the number of features it's most likely north of $10,000.

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Camp Kitchen Options

Off Road Trailer Camp KitchenWhen traveling the world in your Off Road Trailer, one of the primary functions is to make kitchen setup easy and painless. In my backpacking days, setting up the ‘cooking’ area was as simple as unpacking the small stove, adding water to our dehydrated food, and cooking. With a trailer & many more mouths to feed, it gets a little more complicated.

Many trailers ship with slide out kitchens, and many others setup side shelves meant to hold their stove & cooking supplies. We’re increasingly seeing ‘all in one’ kitchen setups like the Cabela’s Deluxe Campers Kitchen ($129), the Outdoorsman from My Camp Kitchen ($449), or the Kanz $795 Field Kitchen (box only – no accessories included). Portable solutions like these make it easy to take your kitchen with you when not using the trailer (such as tailgating, etc), and make it possible to move the kitchen away from your ‘living area’.

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The BIG List of Trailer Options

List of Off Road Trailer Options

Building an Off Road Trailer?

There are many options when building your own trailer.

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