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There are literally hundreds of different options when building your own trailer. From starting with a donor trailer (such as a military M-416), to building a true custom trailer from the ground up. There are dozens of options for axels, suspension, wheels, size, storage, components, and just about anything else you’ll want to add to your trailer.

DIY Fiberglass 'military style' trailer

The original developer of the Dinoot Trailer is working on a new project: A DIY fiberglass trailer that's built to original M-416 military trailer size specs. This looks like it could be a very inexpensive way to get into a fuller size off road trailer without the expense of an all-steel or aluminum model.

Will there be any interest in this type of trailer? There are many plusses and few minuses to the idea, and of course it's still in development.

Follow the thread on Expedtiion Portal

An interesting DIY build

Did you ever think you could build a useful off road trailer from an old truck bed? Austintaco over at Expedition Portal was able to do just that. Taking a basic Toyota truck bed from this

Truck bed

to this:

Toyota Truck Bed off Road trailer


See the full story over on Expedition Portal.

Dinoot Fiberglass Trailers

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A new player in the overland trailer scene, Dinoot offers a unique take on DIY trailers.

They probide the tub in the form of fiberglass sides that are bolted to the frame & platform of your choice. This allows you to build a basic, around town trailer or build a fully overland capable model. The lightweight of the trailer components make this a very interesting choice for smaller tow vehicles or those looking for maximum cargo capacity.


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BLT Off Road Trailer

This is a great example of a DIY trailer project. Simple, functional, and very tough!

See the full build page here.

Compact Camping Concepts

Compact Camping Concepts, LLC


Plans: $34.95+




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