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Build a Customized Teardrop for Under $5,000

Chesapeake Light Craft has released a DIY Teardrop Kit that will have you enjoying a 'soft-roader' Teardrop Trailer for under $5,000.

The $1,995 base kit from Chesapeak can be mounted on virtually anything with wheels, and includes marine-grade plywood that's been CD machined & cut, windows, fiberglass, epoxy, a mold for building the box, and all the hardware you'll need.
Add a $1,549 trailer with 12" wheels (or provide your own), do a little customization (like axle & suspension upgrades), plus a 'few' hours of labor, and you'll be ready to explore next spring!

The finished product could be framed as art, but this art you can drag all over the country (or world).

CLC Teardrop Kit work of art

While this is not your standard approach to Teardrop building (or buying), it's a great alternative if you have a little DIY skill and the time to complete this type of project.

Also, here's a video:

CLC Teardrop Kit

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