Overland Style Trailers

Choose Your Trailer: Cricket, Tigermoth, or Woolly Bear from Taxa Outdoors

The Cricket Trailer, from Taxa Outdoors has seen quite a bit of press...but the California based company has plenty more to offer!

When the Cricket Trailer was debuted a few years ago, it was the coolest - and oddest - outdoor exploration trailer we'd seen in a  long time.

Cricket Trailer Interior

Now, Taxa Outdoors offers two other great trailers for your off-highway adventures: Tigermoth & Woolly Bear.

Woolly Bear Trailer from Taxa Outdoors

Woolly Bear looks more like a standard off-road or overland style expedition trailer. A nice lightweight box (several in this case) with a rack suitable for a tent, kayak rack, bike racks, or any other roof-mountable attachment.

While the Cricket can run you over $24,000 - the Woolly Bear can be had for around $6,000

Tigermoth Trailer from Taxa Outdoors

The other trailer "Tigermoth" is a bit smaller than the Cricket, yet you can still sit up comfortably inside the interestingly designed interior.

This little guy is closer to the size of a traditional Teardrop style, trailer, and with a dry weight of a scant 900lbs, it's a great way to get out and explore!

Starting around $13,000 - the Tigermoth is also a very affordable entry level option that comes in 3 different trims: TigerMoth Camp | TigerMoth Trek | TigerMoth Trek-O

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