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Airstream Basecamp | Suitable for Off-Road Use?

For generations, Airstream has been one of the most respected names in travel trailers. The unmistakable shiny aluminum shell has served the brand well for over 80 years and is now applied to a new 'soft-road-worthy' trailer: the new for 2016 Basecamp.

This new iteration of the original 2007 design includes a plethora of features, most of which won't matter to serios off-road trailer enthusiasts. Expedition Portal reports that the new trailer has 'higher than normal ground clearance' and we're certain that the build quality of the new trailer is second to none.

We completely agree that the sleek silver mini-Airstream looks great behind an Audi, but how will it stand up to hundreds (or thousands) of miles of rough dirt roads? 

The base (dry/empty) weight of the trailer comes in at 2,585lbs, add 22gallons of fresh water means you have about 731lbs of cargo weight remaining before maxing out at 3,500lb GVWR. That should be enough to hold your gear, and most mid-size SUV's & trucks should have no problem pulling the trailer around.

After careful review of the Basecamp website & brochure, we don't see any details on the type of axle or suspension. The 255/55R18 tires are better than many trailer tires, but would likely need upgraded for any type of extended dirt use.

At the end of the day, the $35,000+ price tag may help you stay out of RV parks & full hookups, but we're not sure it would be money well spent if you're into exploring more backcountry areas.

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