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New XVenture from Schutt

X-Venture Sneek-HDRYou’ve seen the original version of the XVenture Trailer by Schutt Industries in the first season of Expedition Overland. It’s a stout off road trailer built to military specifications to handle years of heavy-duty use and abuse.

At Overland Expo we got a sneak peek at the latest evolution of the XVenture, which will be featured in the upcoming Season 2 of XO. This version of the trailer has several significant upgrades over the original, including:

Built in receivers on the sides to easily add a table or other accessory
  • Front-end of the trailer is covered in bed liner to protect from trail debris
  • Lunette hitch is replaced with a Max-Hitch 3 Axis option
  • Hinged rack that allows it to be raised/lowered easily, even with a RTT installed
  • Custom tonneau cover for easy trailer access
  • 2,000lb payload capacity
  • Large 75X89 cargo bed can even haul dual-sport bikes
  • The Front Utility Cabinet is now the full width and height of the cargo bed.
  • New Fender Architecture that allows up to 500LBS of support so users can stand on them to access anything stored on the rack.
  • All Electric Brakes
  • LED Back-Up Lights can also be turned on independently or the reverse gear and double as super bright area illumination lights
  • 75 AH Deep Cycle Battery Pack wit 110 Volt Inverter and Charging system.
  • 4 Accessory Power Outlet
  • New more compliant Axle rated at 2500lb provides a substantially smoother ride than our original 4200lb axle.

    Pricing for the new model is $9,995 for the introduction, but that will go up to $11,995 this fall.

    All Open-LFT-Table-4-HDR

    Available options include:

    • Water Tank
    • Fuel Tank
    • On-Board 12v Power with Solar Supply
    • All Stainless Propane Cooktop
    • Cargo Rack
    • Roof Top Tent
    • Solar Power


    You can also learn more about the trailer on their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/xventuretrailers

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