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Rhino Lining the MORV Trailer

A major part of our upgrades of the Manley ORV EXPLORE trailer (See July 2014 issue of TCT Magazine), was adding a Rhino Lining to the bed. Not only does the heavy duty lining protect the steel inside the trailer, it makes moving around boxes and gear a little easier as well.

Like any good project, the success of lining a trailer comes down to two factors: Preparation and Expertise.


Rhino Lining 4x4 trailer

The team at Rhino Linings of Colorado Springs are true professionals, and made quick work of this job. While DIY linings are available, for the time and effort invloved in prepping then applying a coating like this, in most cases it's best to leave it to the experts.


Rhino Lining 4x4 trailer preparation


Aaron Martin and his crew had the MORV prepped, cleaned, and masked in no time, so they pusher the trailer into the booth and went to work. The lining is applied at very high temperature and the fumes are not human-friendly, so a full body suite is required. Using the high pressure sprayer is no easy task, but having a tall guy on the team makes it look like childs play.


spraying Rhino Lining in a trailer


spraying Rhino Lining in a trailer

After spraying, the coating literally takes minutes to fully set, so by the time they had the trailer out of the booth it was ready for cleanup and reassembly. While RLCS didn't remove all hardware, they removed all the key bits to ensure the tailgate and drain holes would still work fine. Screwdrivers, razors, and a little paint remover were brought out and the team quickly had the trailer ready for the trail.

Rhino Lining booth

Removing masking




All in all, for less than $400 the trailer bed and sides are now well protected, and will be for years to come. The lining has met our every expectation so far and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

Rhino lined trailer

ALSO: I was able to capture a few video angles of the process as well, check it out:

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