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Types of Off Road Trailer Suspension

We categorize trailer suspensions into three types based on their capability:


A standard trailer suspension that you'll find on most utility and consumer grade trailers. Usually a tube axle with leaf springs, or a torsion axle without springs or shocks.

Trailers with a standard suspension are meant for pavement, but can generally handle a few miles of improved dirt roads on occasion.

Dirt Ready

These suspensions are upgraded to include heavy duty tube axles with leaf springs (or torsion axles) and also include shock absorbers to better handle rough roads.

Dirt Ready trailers can handle moderate distances on unimproved dirt roads, but are not usually suitable for rocky off-road trails.

Rock Ready

Heavy duty trailing arm suspensions that usually include shocks and/or airbags. Trailers with these suspensions can handle rocky trails (depending on size and weight), and long distances over unimproved dirt roads.

An added beneift of Rock Ready suspensions is improved ground clearance since there is no straight axle.

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