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AT Overland + MANY MORE @ Overland Expo 13!

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We'll be snapping pics of all the latest & greatest trailers at Overland Expo next week. Hopefully Adventure Trailers has something new and cool to show off, although I'm not sure how much they can improve upon their well tested and proven designs.

Many consider A/T the 'godfathers' of manufactured military style trailers, but their stuff goes well beyond a basic M416 replica. Their trailing-arm airbag suspension is a perfect fit for long trips across harsh environments, and for many people
the additional cost of this system, especially since their trailers are hand built.

A/T Overland is booth 6 at the Expo and will be featuring some of their latest builds.

With all the folkd camping out at the event we're sure to see dozens of trailers in every configuration you can imagine, so we'll be sure to get plenty of pics for your viewing pleasure :)