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Which Off Road Trailer?

africa trailerOff Road Trailers (also known as Adventure Trailers or Overland / Expedition Trailers) have been around for decades. These trailers have been used to support worldwide expeditions, Saharan safaris, and thousands of weekend camping trips around the world. These types of trailers are also very popular with hunters looking to get as far into the backcountry as possible.



Off Road Trailers can be broken down into these basic categories:

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Production Model Off Road Trailers are generally box trailers that are suitable for storing camping gear. They usually include the ability to add a rack for a tent, and can be purchased or built with a variety of suspension options. We have plenty of Off Road Trailer articles on our site.

jumping jack trailerTent Trailers: Trailers that include an integrated tent that cannot be removed under most uses. These come in a variety of levels from basic inexpensive trailers to purpose build heavy duty trailers. There are several great options for Tent Trailers to fit any budget. 

Enclosed Trailers: A trailer that you sleep in, such as a teardrop or similar box trailer, but includes external storage and sometimes sliders for kitchen and other features. In recent years enclosed trailers have become very popular due to an extended season since most walls are insulated. Many Teardrop Trailer manufacturers now offer upgraded "off road" options that include heavy duty suspesion suitable for off-pavement use.

Travel Trailers: Recently coming to the market in North America, travel trailers that include a kitchen and (usually) a toilet as well as internal sleeping. Some use fold out tent covered beds while others are completely contained. Several companies are importing these large and well-built travel trailers from Australia and South Africa.

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Homebuilt/DIY Trailers: There are hundreds of options for building your own off road trailer.

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