Overland Style Trailers

A German Military-style Off Road trailer

image 2Cross Country Trailers are the European Partner of Metalian Trailers and Canopies, in Germany, but they've just started building their own military style trailer.

These handsome trailers are built from aluminum with steel frames, and have a variety of options available starting at under 5,000€.


imageFrom Silvia, one of the founders:
"Beside all the Trailers and Hardtops from Metalian, we now develop and produce our own series of Off Road Trailers.
We called him "Sam the Trailer". He is a Homage to the old American Jeep Trailer from WW2 and well known in Europe.
We developed a state of the art Replica, totally made in Germany, which means very good Quality. The body is made from 3 mm Aluminum, which is powder coated, the frame from a zinc coated and powdered steel, all hinges and screws are made from massif stainless steel.

For the suspensions we use two versions, one without breaks (total weight 750 kg) and one version with a break and a total weight of 1.350 kg.
We offer two Variants of suspension, a light version with a military rubber axles and one Version with "Laengslenker"-axles and screw springs.

That is "Sammy", based on the measures of the original sizes of M100 and M 416 military Trailers.

Currently we're developing a "zoomed" version for larger Off Roader, but with exactly the same proportions of the Original Trailer to ensure a good well known looking.
We will called "SAM". SAM will be able to integrate a "full sized double bed".

He will be made from same Material and Quality, also regarding the same suspension systems.

For both, we will produce a lot of accessories, like lids, rack systems and so on.

Beside the original Trailers, the trailers from Sierra 4x4 and Manley ORV are our Example for a remake (Vorbild, I didn't find the english word...).

The prices starts short below 5k €."

Check out their site (in German): CC Trailers | Translated

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