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Black Series Camper Trailers

Recently another Australian Camper Trailer company started building their heavy-duty trailers in California, USA to serve the North American Market: Black Series Campers.

Black Series offers a variety of camper trailer options, starting at under $10,000 for a well equipped tent trailer.

A major feature of these trailers is a heavy-duty trailing arm suspension that includes dual shock absorbers.

Black Series also offers well built fully enclosed travel trailers, but with a suspension that allows them to travel deeper into the backcountry than many others. 

For thier size and sleeping capacity, Black Series are quite heavy due to their heavy duty components.

Tent Trailers

  • Sergeant | Sleeps 5, 15' long, storage + Tent, $8,999
  • Alpha | Sleeps 5, 17' long, slide out kitchen, $9,999
  • Dominator | Sleeps 4, 17.4' long, popup style, slide out kitchen, $19,999
  • Patron | Sleeps 5, 17.4' long, popup style, slide out kitchen, water, shower, $22,999

Black Series camper trailer popup camper

Travel Trailers

All Black Series Travel Trailers include an internal kitchen and toilet, and sleept at least 3 people.

  • HQ12 | Sleeps 4, single axle, 19' long, 4422lbs dry / 6000 GVWR $39,999
  • HQ15 | Sleeps 3, single axle,  23' long, 4722lbs dry / 6000 GVWR $49,999
  • HQ17 | Sleeps 5, double axle, 23.8' long, 5522lbs dry / 10,000 GVWR $54,999
  • HQ19 | Sleeps 3, double axle, 25.4' long, 6122lbs dry / 10,000 GVWR $59,999

Black Series camper trailer heavy duty travel trailer

 Visit the Black Series USA website for more details, or to find a dealer near you.



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