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Is UGOAT the Ultimate Multi-Use Off Road Trailer?

The UGOAT Trailer was at the Denver Sportsman's Expo last week, and it's very interesting.

Could this be the ultimate multi-use trailer?

According to the UGOAT website, this trailer has eliminated the need to own multiple trailers by delivering true cross-functionality in modular package.
The specs are similar to most high-end Off Road Trailers and includes an independent axle, bedliner, LED lights, electric brakes, and a powdercoated frame.

What makes this trailer different though, is using it for multiple purposes such as hauling landscape material or even an ATV. Their base Utility trailer is nicely outfitted with many 'extras' built into the $7,995 package. Additional options such as the drop in aluminum camper top ($5,995) make this a remarkable way to use one trailer for almost anything. Once your basic trailer is configured, add as many options as you like to make it one of a kind.

The Trailer Configuration Page on the UGOAT.us website makes it easy to spec out your perfect build.

How about a couple videos:

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