Tent Trailers & Pop Ups

Air OPUS Camper

The original OPUS Camper was created in the UK to fill the lightweight tent-trailer niche, and now they have a US distributor.

While the OPUS Camper is a great trailer, we're most excited about their new Air OPUS Camper.

OPUS Camper Interior

What makes this camper so cool is the 90 second, all-automatic setup.

The Air OPUS uses air pole technology that completely eliminates standard tent poles. Instead, a built-in air pump automaticaly inflates the air poles to erect the tent. This makes setup time much faster, and will have you relaxing in no time.

For even larger groups, a Full Air Awning will soon be an available option as well.

Air OPUS Camper

When it's time to pack up, simply release the air valves and fold the tent up. Pretty easy!

A short video showing the Air OPUS Camper:

Of course the natural question is how well the air poles will stand up to the rigors of off-road & overland travel. Since this is brand-new to market, only time will tell.

You can pre-order the Air OPUS from OPUS USA. Price isn't posted on their site, but the standard OPUS camper starts at $18,999 so we expect the Air version to come in north of $20,000.