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Skycamp Expandable Hardshell Roof Top Tent | Pre-order

The Skycamp from iKamper is the first expandable hardshell RTT that we've seen, and it's now available for pre-order!

Before the Skycamp was introduced, your options for an aerodynamic hard shell RTT were limited. Most models only sleep 2 (maybe 3) people comfortably, and they're generally very expensive.

This new innovation from iKamper looks like a great solution for a family of four. Simply open up the hardshell and pull out the canvas, allowing 2 adults + 2 children to sleep in comfort.

Skycamp from iKamper

If you add this to a standard Off Road Trailer or even a Teardrop, you can further expand your sleeping capability.

This looks like a great product, and if you pre-order now you save $1,000 off retail. Check it out on the iKamper site!

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